heart-shaped diamond engagement ring

Jason and Gabby: A Match Made on Campus

A Match Made on Campus Gabrielle “Gabby” and Jason met while they were both attending the University of West Georgia. They were both marketing majors and Jason was seated in the front row of a mutual class when he saw Gabby walk in. From that moment, he was on a mission to meet her! “I […]
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diamond jewelry for mother's

Show Mom How Much You Care

This Mother’s Day, step up your gift giving for the ladies that make the world go ‘round. If you have children, handmade cards are sure to win her heart. Flowers and breakfast, with no help from her, will start the day with smiles too. And to really put stars in her eyes, a little something […]
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Celebrity Ring Inspirations

Celebrity Ring Inspirations Engagement ring shopping can be exciting, blissful and fun while also stressful and intimidating.  When it comes time to shop for engagement rings, one of the best places to look is the posts of your favorite celebrities and Instagram influencers. While you may not have the time or budget to hire designers […]
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Honeycomb Pattern Jewelry


THE HONEYCOMB PROJECT Taylor LaRue Designs Fine Jewelry loves to find ways to be a part of local communities near and far. With so many needs in today’s world, we wanted to pick something that is personal and that we practice in our daily lives outside of making jewelry. As busy designers and jewelers, one […]
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Jazz Fest Wedding


A JAZZ FEST WEDDING A wedding band is symbolic of love and commitment. Finding a jeweler who can design something unique that is representational of your relationship can be challenging. At Taylor LaRue Designs, we pride ourselves on working with each couple to create something that will be an extension of their marriage that they […]
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Custom Jewelry Atlanta


INTRODUCING TAYLOR LARUE Taylor La Rue Fine Jewelry was founded on the idea that jewelry should tell a story. Our custom jewelry expresses love, reflects one’s style and unforgettable moments in life. We believe luxury is effortless, style is sexy, and our commitment to craftsmanship is the key to our success. Working closely with our […]
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